creativity is the
new economy

We believe in the creator economy and invest in today's fastest accelerating asset: talented creators and innovators

the brands of the future are people, not companies


Creators are people driven by creativity, passion, and stories. They advocate for transparency and integrity, openness to new experiences, and work that motivates and delights. They are entrepreneurs who are ready to take risks to bring value to their audience.


There are currently over 50 million creators developing and monetizing content in a variety of different formats: articles, shows, podcasts, streams, blogs, series, and digital art. 2 million creators financially provide for themselves through these activities.


In every corner of the world, creators tell their stories, shaping our lives, infusing moments with meaning, and binding us together.

size of the creator economy

Pervasive internet access has created a new kind of entrepreneurship that is conquering the world right now.

творчество — человеку

Большая часть человеческого труда уже автоматизирована либо будет выполняться искусственным интеллектом в скором будущем. Неизменным в такой ситуации остаётся творчество, движимое фантазией и волей человека.

посвятить себя профессии

Авторы — это профессия, требующая полного погружения. Сегодня они вынуждены развиваться исключительно за счет получаемого дохода. Это сдерживает развитие их творческих идей и рост аудитории.

быть везде  и сразу

Уникальный и качественный продукт необходим автору, чтобы его аудитория росла и была готова платить за творчество.  Для создания этой ценности зачастую нужны ресурсы, недоступные для автора.

and this is where we come in
and this is where we come in
and this is where we come in

is an investment firm a focused on aaaaa the content creation industry and growing the creator economy.

our values

reload world of content
empower true innovators
creators economy building
investments in creators

investments in  startups

We invest in the founders of digital products and services for the creator economy at early stages with an average ticket of $300K, and at later stages with a ticket of up to $3M: we help them build their audiences and maximize revenue.


in-house digital product development

We create products from scratch or build on existing ideas, forming a whole team and sending them into the stratosphere

investments in creators

We share our ecosystem of resources: knowledge, a network, and 15+ years of team experience in product creation and talent development.

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